I fell in love with this anime since day one and I just needed to draw something about it because it’s so good ˘⌣˘

Teppei’s definitely my favourite character - he’s sweet and I’m very interested in his powers… And I guess that it’s also because I have a soft spot for his voice actor, hah. 

Teppei Arashi © Bones

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Detail shots of my Pokémon X/Y tournament poster! This painting is more than 7000px tall.

Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario © Game Freak

Full pictureWIP 1 / WIP 2

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Does this picture seem familiar

I finally finished the illustration for the Pokémon X/Y tournament that I’ve organized - it took a looong time to paint but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! 

Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario © Game Freak

Details | WIP 1 / WIP 2

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(I finished this a month ago but I forgot to upload it, woops)

I’m currently working on a Nagisa cosplay which is based in a prize figure that I adore (but I can’t find it for a good price so a cosplay will have to do :P )  Since I haven’t seen any fanart of that particular hoodie, I thought I’d draw it myself!

I’ll post pictures of the cosplay once it’s finished - hopefully I’ll finish it in time for the next convention!

Nagisa Hazuki © Kyoto Animation

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Some detail shots of the Quagsire plush I made for Mar's birthday, which was last week! It was around 12” (~30cm) in size.

The plush was completely hand-sewn - I was used to sew plushies with my sewing machine but I think that they look much better if they’re hand-sewn, for some reason. 

Quagsire © Game Freak

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A couple of work-in-progress shots of the tournament poster I’m working on - the first WIP can be seen here.

I have to add more lights and details to it, and change the background a bit so that the characters sand out more. I’m honestly very proud of how this is coming out, so I might turn it into a print/poster in the near future!

Two work-in-progress pictures in which I’m working on right now.

The one on the left is a poster for a Pokémon XY tournament that we’re going to organize in the shop I draw for, and the one on the right is a redrawn version of the Rei/Nagisa scene that I love which appears in the Free! opening.

Finished versions coming soon!

Some time ago, I read that Grumpig could have been inspired in a Bible proverb:

"…do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you."

And when mega evolutions were announced, I guessed that if Grumpig were to mega-evolve, its evolution would be inspired in other verses. So I searched a bit and decided to include other things in what could be a design for Mega Grumpig:

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout…

Then the demons came out of the man and entered the pigs…

Aside from the golden ring around its snout, I tried to make its markings look like a gospel’s clothes - the crossed chest from their robes, long sleeves, and sandals. The shape of the tail emulates a halo when seen from the front. Its eyes are red and he’s got six pearls in its body to symbolise that swine seemed to be treated as demons some times.

Aside from its design changes, Mega Grumpig would gain the Dark type (Psychic/Dark) because of its demonic features, it would have the ability Cursed Body, and its BST would go from 470 to 550 (80/45/65/90/110/80 »> 90/50/100/110/130/70).

Grumpig © Game Freak (Mega Grumpig design by me)

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Just as I almost was gonna end it in tears

Now I see your crystal eyes appear

With that smile

I can’t believe I’ll get to see Clear animated… ( ;  ▽ ; )

Can’t wait to watch the DMMd anime!! 

Clear © Nitro+CHiRAL

Details + Sketch VS result comparison

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