We started Uni last Monday so there have some of my latest work, from this very morning! This is from my Imaging Technologies class, and today we learned about focal length, film speed and shutter speed. I’ve always adored taking pictures of small stuff so I’ve truly enjoyed this practice~

We’ve been learning quite a lot about cameras, which I’ve always loved but I never had the chance to lay my hands on an expensive model… Fortunately we’ve got some very decent cameras at class that we use to do our exercises, and I’m head over heels with those! Taking pictures with them is a blessing compared to the stuff I’ve worked with before…

I drew Waiter!Nagisa based on the KyoAni Shop 2015 Calendar, because Nagisa looks adorable in a tuxedo!

I tried rendering his face directly from the sketch instead of going through a lineart stage, but I only finished rendering his face and polished the body a bit. I love how soft his hair looks like this :P

Pixiv // Related: x x x

Nagisa Hazuki belongs to KyoAni. 

I found out about 999 week and since I haven’t drawn a fanart for the game yet (despite the fact that it’s my favourite visual novel so far), I thought I’d give it a try. If you haven’t played this game yet, please do so - I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

Today’s the 2nd so there’s my drawing of Snake, my favourite character from the Zero Escape series and overall one of my all-time favourite characters. I could probably write an essay on why I love so much but I believe everybody who’s been through 999's Safe and True endings will understand what I mean… He's just amazing.

Snake belongs to Chunsoft

Pixiv | YouTube (how I drew this)

A reference sheet for a character I’ve had for a very long time but never developed too much. This is Omicron, a six-horned dragon who took his name from his O-shaped front row of horns. 

He used to be a far tougher, darker dragon, but since most dragons are portrayed like that I thought it’d be nice to have a gentle marine dragon who helped other creatures. 

I’ve been redesigning some of my older characters, so if anybody wants to see them I’d love to post more!

Work-in-progress picture

It’s been a while since I posted WIPs of my commissions here, so there you have a screencap of most of the stuff I’m currently working on!

From left to right and top to bottom: 

  • Redesign/reference sheet for my marine six-horned dragon, Omicron
  • Commission for Aleph of his character and his Lucario
  • Art trade with Lucía of her dragon fursona
  • Commission for some friends - working on a BG!
  • Personal art of my Blaziken, my Lucario, and myself
  • Contest entry for some contest on dA

I hope you like how those are looking so far! 

All characters belong to their respective owners.

Thought I’d draw Clear in a different gas mask

This is the dumbest crossover I’ll ever draw in my life, please forgive me

I watched all of yesterday’s Pokémon World Championships matches and SeJun Park's team was not only original, but also impressive and unexpected - his bulky supporting Pachirisu was obviously the star of the team and she did wonders by paralyzing the opponents and distracting them from targeting SeJun's Garchomp, who completely wrecked everything.

Fortunately, SeJun won today’s match with his amazing predictions and the unconditional support of the electric squirrel, so congratulations to the 2014 Pokémon world champion and thank you for showing the rest of the world that not only overused Pokémon are good in battle!!

Garchomp and Pachirisu belong to Game Freak. // Twitter

Your Pokedoodles are adorable Sip ; u ;

Thank you Yuu ( ^◡^)

Has anyone else mentioned tha mega audino is not mega at all? I mean, look at the screenshot. There is no mega evolution symbol anywhere. I went ahead and just now posted about this.

It looks like the Korean site had a few other mistakes, such as describing regular Audino as a Normal/Fighting type, or saying that Slowbro evolves into Slowking. 

However, both the new Slowbro and that Audino were listed under the “Mega” category so the mistake you’re talking about must have been because the screenshots were in beta stage - when Mega Latios and Latias were leaked we saw that it was possible to show a Mega Pokémon in battle without it having the orb symbol next to its name, as the model had been hacked just to take the screenshot.

Either way, I really like the new Audino and I wouldn’t mind if it was a regular evolution. It’s really cute!